Valentine’s Day…..First Grade, Chinese Take-Out, and Much, Much More


Although I agree that we should show our loved ones how much we appreciate them 365 days a year, I really do love Valentine’s Day! One reason is because I am the mushiest person ever (ask Leonard) and I just love all of the hearts and cute notes, nice things being done for each other, romance, etc. More importantly, I think Valentine’s Day is so much fun for children! It’s a great time for them to work on social skills and to talk to them about friendship and love!! Not romantic love, but family love and freindly love. Kids get so excited to prepare valentines for their classmates and I think it’s great for them to all express their friendship to one another.

This post will attempt to share all of the events and stories I experienced yesterday on a very busy Valentine’s Day. To preface the stories, Leonard and I agreed not to swap gifts this year. He just purchased my engagement ring (YAY <3) over Winter Break and I didn’t want him to spend any more money on me. In addition, we are poor college students, we need groceries, etc. haha. So we agreed to not do presents, but of course I wrote a card. For the first 5 years of dating, I wrote a NOVEL inside a card every single month (12*5= 60 cards), not to mention a card on every holiday. I have calmed down a bit, because I don’t want him to get tired of reading them (it may be too late) haha! But I love cards and so I wanted to do that! I also wanted to have a nice litte set up for dinner. Well, Leonard had his first class at 9:30 A.M. and got out of his last class of the day at 8:00 p.m. I had to work at 8:00 A.M. and would also wrap up my day around p.m. So I knew I wouldn’t have any time to make a nice dinner, but we had to eat.

So at some point during the day (I don’t even remember when any more), I ran home and realized that I hadn’t put any meat in the refridgerator to thaw the night before. So my thought was, CROCK POT, of course! I threw two frozen chicken breasts, a can of black beans, some frozen corn, some taco seasoning, and a little bit of salsa into the crock pot and turned it on low. This was several hours before we would be gettting home for dinner, so I didn’t want it to cook too fast.Then when we got home I could throw it on some tortillas with sour cream and lettuce and we’d have a great meal! Romantic? Maybe not….Healthy? Not really….Delicious? Yes indeed! I was in a huge rush, but I really wanted to do something nice for when he got home from his long day. Back in January when all of the festive stuff was being put out I had bought some rose petals and these cute wine glasses that had hearts on the stems at WalMart. So I threw this together:


You may be wondering a couple of things:

1) Do you eat dinner at a card table? We do not. We do have an actual dining room set that my parents gave us, but I had some papers laying out on the table and a again I was in a rush, so I thought this table would be easier to decorate and Leonard is NOT hard to please at all. I knew he would be excited and wouldn’t care about the table. (Plus, we are college students- sometimes we eat dinner on the couch!)

2) Why is the table set up in the middle of the kitchen floor? Well, our living room is the next room over and it is an open space, so I figured with this set up, I could decorate around the table AND we could watch TV while we ate dinner 🙂

Here is a picture of the cute glasses:

photo (2)

So, that was all set and I was off to my next two locations for the day: two elementary schools for my practicum placements. At the first school, I got to pull some AWESOME English Language Learners during their lunch time and I played some vocabulary games with them and whatnot. Then, I went to a first grade classroom with my cooperating teacher and of course we were celebrating Valentine’s Day. We did some math (sorting and graphing) using Sweet Tarts and then the children were allowed to exchange valentines. This placement is a little different than my placement last year. I am with an ESL teacher, so we see different students and go into different classes. I am not with the same class everyday. So this was my first day in this class, so the students didn’t know me. So of course when they passed out valentines, I didn’t get any (not that I was bothered by this, but it is important for the next part of the story). The teacher told them that we were going to count to three and say thank you to everyone all at once. So we counted and we all said thank you. The following were the words exchanged between myself and a very cute first grade boy after shouting thank you:

Boy: What you sayin’ thank you for? You ain’t get nothin’. Did you?

Me: It’s still okay to thank everyone for being kind.

Boy: You ain’t get nothin’, did you? You like gettin’ stuff, don’t you?

Me: You don’t have to get something for a holiday. You can just say thank you for being my friend.

Boy: We ain’t your friends. You’re the teacher. We’re the students.

Me:  (Thought: this conversation will never end.) Okay, why don’t you continue working on your math sheet.

Clearly, he didn’t want to be my friend! 😦  Just another interesting conversation I overheard at school:

Boy: I just saw your pink underwear!!

Girl: No, that’s just a part of my pants.

Boy: No it’s not. I saw your pink underwear!!

Girl: I’m not wearing any underwear!

Me (thinking): (I’ll let the other teacher handle that one) 🙂

So, that’s enough school stories, but one not to self: Never wear your retainer to school if you are working with little ones. It is way too distracting for the kids and you will get incredibly confused by five children asking you if “you have bracelets”?

Okay, I got done with my practicum placement at 5:30 and I had to meet a family that was looking for a tutor at 6:45. They lived in Broadway and the GPS was telling me it would take about 32 minutes to get to their house. Since my lovely grandmother had just sent me a Starbucks gift card for Valentine’s Day, I decided I’d stop by Target. I found a loving card for Leonard and then I went to Starbucks, got a delicious drink (needless to say- my healthy eating was not on my mind today), sat down at one of the tables, and  poured my heart out into the card for the 10 minutes that I had. Then I was off!! The interview with the family went great! I didn’t feel nervous and the family was super sweet. Only problem, they had SEVERAL pets that were climbing every where. Anyone who knows me knows that I a not a fan of pets. This wasn’t the problem. The problem was that by the time I got home I couldn’t stop sneezing, my eyes were extremely itchy, and my face was breaking out……but that’s another story in itself.

At some point during all of this hustle and bustle, I thought back on my short trip home and I did not at all remember plugging in the Crock Pot! I was thinking, you have got to be kidding me!! I got back in town at 7:38 and I had to pick Leonard up at 7:50 from his class. Sooo, my thought, our favorite, Chinese!! I called our current favorite Chinese restaurant (yes, I have the number saved in my phone) and placed an order. I quickly made my way to the restaurant, and thank goodness they are super fast. So I picked up the food and arrived at the school at 7:49. Leonard’s class let out at 7:50: perfect. At 8:05 I began to wonder where he was, because they usually get out right on time. Then I rememberd: he was meeting his group member to work on their project in the library after his class!! Luckily, the library they were going to is the one I work at, so I decided to just go catch up (run my mouth) with some of my favorite, awesome co-workers to pass the time!

We left the school at 9:00 and headed home. On the way home, I told Leonard the story about turning on the crock pot but not plugging it up but he still didn’t know about my romantic set-up. He thought it was funny and he was as excited as I was to have Chinese. When we got home and opened the door, it smelled like a Mexican restaurant……..I had plugged up the Crock Pot!! My first thoughts: Crap, I spent money on Chinese food when I didn’t need to and now we have so much food. My realization: Tomorrow is Friday and now I don’t have to cook dinner!!!!! 🙂 So we sat down to our romantic and delicious Chinese dinner. It was very delicious! Here is a picture of our feast and my thoughtful card:

photo (4)                                                             photo (3)

We enjoyed the dinner and sipped some Ginger Ale out of our wine glasses. We sent this picture to my parents and sisters to try to convince them that we were drinking wine (Leonard is 21 but doesnt’ drink, and I am 20 and have never drank ( I know it’s the law, but it’s not common for college students…)

photo (5)

They all commented on how cute the glasses were, but we didn’t get any fun reactions……They know us too well! They knew it was ginger ale! Our days were busy and crazy, but we loved coming home and sharing a late dinner. We also watched the movie, Meet the Parents, which is really funny!! I am so blessed to have had the same valentine for the sixth year in a row!! I love him and can’t wait until the day we share our 60th Valentine’s Day together….and all of the days in between, of course.

As for all of these…….

photo (6) they got cleaned up the next moring! I was way too tired at the end of the night!


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