It’s what we’re here for


To help others……it’s what we’re here for, it’s why God made us, it’s what I love doing! 

Needless to say, I do not post on my blog as often as I should. I knew when I made the blog that it would just be for a post every now and then, related to something I felt strongly about, my thoughts, wedding plans, etc. It’s also a great way of keeping out-of-town/state family and friends up to date on life. 

Well today I have a link to share with my family and friends from the JMU website. I typed in the URL of the JMU homepage to search for something on their website and my face popped up (talk about a big surprise). A writer from Madison Magazine (a local publication) e-mailed me a while back about interviewing me for their magazine after hearing about my trip to Ghana and my volunteering in local school. First I would like to say a huge thank you to whomever shared about my activities with the writer. I have no idea who it was, but I am extremely grateful for that! 

So I answered some interview questions and took some pictures in a local elementary school (which was a lot of fun), and I knew the article would be in the fall edition of the magazine, but I hadn’t read the article and I had no idea it would be on the JMU website. Seeing my face on the webpage and reading the article was a very humbling experience for me. I truly have a passion, not only for education, but for children, and for people in general. I like helping, working with, learning about others. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Madison Magazine for writing about me and sharing this with others. Again, I am humbled and so grateful! 

I attribute the helpfulness of my heart to God….He placed it there, after all. But I would NOT be the person I am today without my WONDERFUL, loving parents, my crazy, amazing sisters, or my unbelievably supportive fiance, who has made my college experience and life just that much sweeter. I appreciate all of the support I have received from ALL of my family, friends, and JMU family. The JMU experience is without-a-doubt one of a kind, and one that has changed my life forever. While I am sad that my time at JMU is flying by so quickly, I am abundantly grateful for all that I have gained in my short time here and I am SO ready to go out into the ‘real world’ and continue to use it to help others.

My dad is hilarious, hard-working, and kind, but most of all, he is wise. The other day he said something in a normal conversation that, I believe, is one of the most powerful statements one could make. He said, “If you do not help others, your existence is non-existent.” I could not have said it better myself 🙂 

I almost forgot the link 🙂


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