This blog, as the subtitle suggests, will be a mixture of my thoughts, feelings, observations, and stories. There is no established theme for my blog. I simply wanted a place to write down my thoughts and tell stories. It will be nice to share my ideas with any family and friends who are interested in reading them. My blog also serves as a place to put all of my memories so that I can come back and look through them.

I tell Leonard one million stories every evening, so I figured I ‘ll give him a break and write them down instead…..Who am I kidding? I’ll still tell him all of the stories, but I’ll write them down, too. In addition to sharing my thoughts and stories with others, many things I write about will be things I simply don’t want to forget, so I’ll make a post about them.

While there is no theme to the blog, I am an aspiring teacher and have a passion for teaching and working with learners, so many of my thoughts and feelings will be connected to education in some way. I think education is one of the most important things in this world. Education is one of the few things that can never be taken away from you. I’m also taking part in several practicum experiences over the next few semesters, so I will post a lot about those.

In addition, since Leonard and I have recently become engaged, many of my posts will be about wedding plans, excitements, decisions, purchases, etc.

Many of my posts will be serious and thoughtful, like those regarding education, opportunities, etc., but I’m also obsessed with weddings, kids, families, cooking, shopping, crafts, and other typical girl stuff, so I will often post about those types of things as well. Lastly, my fiancé is hilarious, so I’m sure I will also be sharing stories of just a couple of the many things he does to make me laugh! 🙂

My blog may not be as interesting as moms with adorable kids or as crafty as some of these themed blogs posted by seriously devoted bloggers, but it will share ideas about things that matter to me and make me smile 🙂


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